2018 Bloomsburg University Women's Volleyball Summer Camps


 *All Early Bird prices are valid until April 15th, 2018. After that then regular price will go into effect*

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Team Competition Camp - July 20-22                     

Cost: $200 per camper--Early Bird - $185

Bring your team for an intense weekend of competition. The focus of this camp is centered on a team tournament, offering 6 sessions with matches against at least 2 teams each session. BU players and staff will serve as officials. We will also offer discussions on team systems, demos, etc. Coaches will have the opportunity to participate with our camp staff in talks on mental training, skill development and a variety of other volleyball topics. We will offer multiple brackets of competition (Varsity/JV), if there is interest. One coach per team may attend at no cost.

Camp Check-in: 7/20-10am; Camp Check-out: 7/22-11am

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Elementary Day Camp - July 22-24        Cancelled as of 6/25/18*                     

Cost $60 per camper--Bring a friend discount-$10

Camp will be 6 hours of fun and excitement while introducing the wonderful sport of volleyball to each of the campers. We will introduce the basic skills of passing, setting, serving and attacking. The focus will be on showing each camper how much fun it is to play volleyball. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt and an invitation to our Youth Volleyball night this coming fall. Open to boys and girls in grades K-4.

Camp times: 7/22 – 2-4pm; 7/23 – 10am-12pm; 7/24 10am-12pm

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Middle School Camp – July 22-24                 Cancelled as of 6/25/18*          

Cost: $265 per camper--Early Bird $250; Bring a friend discount-$10

This camp is designed for girls entering grades 5 through 8. We will offer these campers an opportunity to learn the basic fundamental skills and concepts of the game of volleyball. Instruction will be adapted to the younger age group. There will be fun activities included in every camp session. All the skills will be covered – serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and digging. In addition, we will also cover rotations and overlap rules, basic positions, team systems and competition. More advanced training will be given to campers with previous volleyball experience.

Camp Check-in: July 22-1pm; Camp Check-out: July 24-11am

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Individual Skills Camp – July 22-24                          

Cost: $265--Early Bird $250

Campers will receive detailed instruction for the position of their choice. All campers will be taught serving and passing skills to further enhance their development as a complete volleyball player. There will also be opportunities to combine positions for game-like repetitions and competition. Each position will focus on the specialized areas:


Defensive Specialists-Platform skills, Serve receive, Digging, Emergency skills, Out of System setting

Middle Blockers- Attacking footwork, Transition footwork, Arm swing, Blocking, Out of System setting

Setters-Hand positioning, Footwork, Location, Various tempos, Attacking, Blocking, Defense

Outside Hitters-Serve receive to attack, Transition footwork, Arm swing, Hitters toolbox, Out of system attacking, Blocking, Defense


Camp Check-in: July 22-1pm; Camp Check-out: July 24-11am

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Team Instructional Camp                      Cancelled as of 5/25/18*             

Cost: $305--Early Bird $290


This camp has it all – lots of competition, skill and systems instructions, and fun! Teams and coaches experience the advantage of team training and competition as you prepare for the start of your season. Each team will be assigned 1-2 camp staff. Morning sessions will focus on key concepts of serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and digging, which will enable each camper to raise their overall level of play. Afternoon sessions will focus on the offensive and defensive systems and team training that will train in at Bloomsburg University. Evening sessions will be devoted to competition. Each team will have a chance to put their new skills to use in competitive drills and games against other teams.


Camp Check-in: July 25-1pm; Camp Check-out: July 28-11am

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**All commuters, deduct $40 from the registration amount. Does not apply to Elementary Camp.


Early Bird Discount – Registered and paid in full by April 15, 2018


Bring a Friend Discount – Sign up with a friend and both campers receive $10 off.




Camp Staff:


Dan Kreiger - Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Monica Smith - Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach 

Other NCAA Volleyball Coaches and Student Athletes 


Please contact Camp Director Daniel Kreiger with any questions. 570-389-4873 or dkreiger@bloomu.edu